Keep One Step Ahead
Shoe-buddy SHOEGenius recommendation engine couples world-class scientific and academic expertise with its patented state of the art FOOTGenius technology to size your feet to the best sports and lifestyle shoes in the market, delivered through a simple and effective mobile application.
Don’t Know Your Foot Shape?

Any foot specialist, sports medicine practitioner or shoe fitter will recommend you undergo a foot assessment in order to select the most appropriate shoes for your feet.

You’ll have access to the Shoe-buddy proprietary patent foot scanning technology that digitally takes an image of your footprint and interprets your foot shape - all from your mobile device!

Shoe-buddy is your resource to review manufacturers’ shoe descriptions, benefits and features and gives you exclusive access to independent, non-bias expert shoe recommendations.

What does shoe-buddy analyse?

  • Sports shoes that are highly rated by independent Sports Medicine Australia professionals.
  • Sports shoes from all the leading brands including pre-release 2019 models
  • Sports shoes that are commonly used by professional and elite amateur athletes.
  • Sports shoes durability and replacement frequency.
  • Sports shoes that are readily and easily available.


FOOTGenius technology that scans and interprets your foot shape to give you an
accurate foot assessment.

SHOEGenius technology that matches your feet to the best sporting shoe
requirements. Shoe-buddy recommendswhich shoes are right for you.

  • Built-in foot scanning technology.
  • Sports Medicine Australia Sports Shoe Assessment
  • Select your preferred Brand
  • Predictive shoe lifespan management