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Shoe-buddy will help build consumer loyalty by personalizing shoe recommendations through our FOOTGenius™ innovative high tech pattern recognition that improves the accuracy of fit thereby lowering the cost of returns for on-line shoe retailers.


Personalization drives retention

Personalization drives new clients


Cost of returns decreases

Cost of customer acquisition decrease

Personalization is a priority for retailers!

Shoe-buddy will support you.

Retail recommendation through Health Education

  • Increases operating margins for online shoe retailers by reducing product return rates
  • Educates consumers on foot type to make informed choice about shoe purchase.
  • Directs consumers to a library of sports shoes based on their chosen sort and foot type.
  • Provides guidelines on the shoe use relative to body weight.
  • Indicates when shoe is “old” and needs replacing.

Why not figure out how Shoe-buddy
can drive savings to your bottom line?

“Done right, personalization enhances customers’ lives and increases engagement and loyalty by delivering messages that are tuned to and even anticipate what customers really want.  Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by much as 50%, lift revenues by 5-15%, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%.”

The Shoe-buddy calculator

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