Hello and welcome! I’m delighted you’re here. My name is Dr Michael Kinchington PhD. I’m a sports medicine podiatrist operating out of Sydney, Australia; the founder of this app I call Shoe Buddy.

With over 20 years of clinical practice, the same questions inevitably were asked of me: “What is the best shoe for me?” “How long do shoes last?” “I am so confused when buying sport shoes as there are too many options and scant advice”.

While I can help my patients with this information because I know their circumstance, it struck me that there are hundreds of thousands of people with the same questions. I stared thinking that in this digital-mobile era perhaps I could also help the many more who are not my patients but need shoe advice.

I decided to combine my 20+ years of clinical experience with my passion and enthusiasm of sport shoes along with my 10+ years of academic research into shoes and injury to create a resource I hope you will find useful.

You may not agree with all my shoe reviews but I can say they are un-biased, free from the pollutants of footwear marketing and they are based on a combination of science, clinical trials, independent wear testers and feedback from my patients and the professional athletes I engage with on a daily basis. 

Shoe Buddy will keep evolving, so any suggestions are welcome. Shoe Buddy will keep you up to date on all current scientific research in the areas of performance, injury prevention and comfort in a conversational manner. I will apply this knowledge to my reviews of shoes to help you select the best shoes for your individual athletic needs. 

Have a look around the Shoe Buddy website for more info. You’ll also find details about a practical foot scanning technology that helps you measure and accurately assess your foot shape. There is also a great system to track the life of your shoe that reminds you when your shoe needs replacing, since most people wear their shoes too long affecting comfort and injury.

Shoe Buddy will regularly keep you up to date on topics such as injury prevention, advice for young athletes and a host of other related topics. 

So enjoy Shoe Buddy. I have had a lot of fun putting this together. We’d love to hear your feedback so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 


More to come, Dr Michael Kinchington PhD