From the iconic fun runs to the more serious half and full marathons held around the country, runners aged from 10 years to 80 years of age with various foot types, running styles, shoes and socks converge upon podiatry, physiotherapy and sports medicine facilities around the country. The running season has begun!

So it is time to buy new runners but what shoe will best protect you? It’s easy to get confused by the hundreds of shoes that adorn the walls of retailers – Asics, adidas, Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Mizuno, Puma, Saucony and others – all boldly displaying the latest colours, fashions and trends.

Within the shoe store or via the online maze, it is difficult to comprehend the jargon, the sales pitch, the overwhelming wall of shoes. Don’t panick, shoe-buddy has decoded all shoes in the athletic world and has simplified the footwear selection process. With a data base of over 1000 shoe models, shoe-buddy has you covered.
So what shoe will suit me? Difficult and complex question but let’s start with matching your arch type to a shoe that will protect you.

Once you have understood what shoe best suits your needs, make sure you keep a log of shoe distance. Shoes have a limited life and if worn past their used-by-date the shoe has lost its cushioing and support. For more info: Why Do We Need to Replace Running Shoes? Shoe-buddy provides you the answer.