You may have seen this article I wrote for ABC Online about technology’s influence on the healthcare sector.

I wanted to address how technology continues to evolve our medical practices, and in particular talk about its impact on preventative health.

After 20 years as a sports medicine trained podiatrist, I understand that when it comes to protecting our lower limbs, making the right choice in athletic shoes is crucial.

It dawned on me that if more people could determine which shoes were best for their specific needs, if they could understand their foot shape, length and width as I do, if I could more readily impart my knowledge and advice to them before issues arise, they’d be in a far better position to avoid injury down the road.

This is why I created Shoe Buddy.

The technology developed enables foot scanning capabilities in to a smart phone / tablet / mobile device – making it so users can simply take a photo of their footprint and immediately understand if they have a high or low arch, if they pronate or supinate, and receive recommendations from me as to which shoes are most suitable to their foot shape and athletic needs.    

As I explain in the article, use of technology and new mediums such as Shoe Buddy to prevent health problems is only just beginning. I envision a time when shoes will be customised and created by 3D printing technologies. Can you imagine a day when a patient gets a shoe prescription from a podiatrist and uploads it to their computer for printing?

There is no doubt we will see continued growth in how doctors increase their presence, influence and share knowledge with patients throughout these new mediums. It is also clear that we will increasingly see academic insight and the practical application of medicine bundled into services and made widely available for all to use. I look forward to the day when e-health, that is already fast becoming mainstream, transforms doctor-patient interaction.

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