FAQ Shoe-buddy

FAQ 1: What is Shoe-buddy?

Shoe-buddy is an intuitive library of over 1000 shoes that is matched to your foot shape and sporting needs. Covering the major footwear brands, Shoe-buddy technology provides you with information to best select the correct shoe for you. No longer do you have to worry about facing a wall of shoes in a retail store or guess when online about what shoe to buy. Shoe-buddy’s technical and medical faculty with over 25 years of research is best placed to offer informative, practical sport shoe advice.

FAQ 2: Can Shoe-buddy help me find a shoe best suited to my sport?

Yes. Shoe-buddy covers more than 21 adult sports and 11 kids sports inclusive of surface type. We have over 1000 shoes in the data-base that have been individually examined and reviewed. Once FOOTGenius has determined your foot shape and you have selected your preferred sport, SHOEGenius will filter through all the shoes in the library and provide you with a selection of 4-8 shoes that you can read about and order.

FAQ 3: I cannot find the brand of shoe I prefer in Shoe-buddy?

If you cannot find your preferred brand or shoe model it will be due to the following:

  1. Our technical team do not consider the shoe to be of “shoe-buddy standard”
  2. The shoe is not widely available for Shoe-buddy users to find.
  3. The footwear manufacturer has not provided sufficient access to vital information regarding shoe technology, for Shoe-buddy to make an independent evaluation of the shoe.
FAQ 4: My second toe is larger than my big toe. How will this affect the measurement of my foot?

It is not uncommon for the 2nd toe to be a longer than the big toe. Shoe-buddy FOOTGenius technology will provide you will information on the overall length of your feet and then recommend an appropriately sized shoe to accommodate your longer 2nd toe.

FAQ 5: I have bunions on my feet. Can Shoe-buddy compensate for this when sizing the right shoe?

Yes. Bunion joints usually require a wider shoe. For example, a regular B width shoe for women and a D width shoe for men may be too narrow. Shoe-buddy will guide you to the best fitting shoe width and a list of suitable shoes.

FAQ 6: I did not know I had flat feet. Will Shoe-buddy be able to find right size the right pair of sports shoes for me?

Yes. Once Shoe-buddy’s intuitive technology has best understood your foot shape, SHOEGenius will provide you with the most suitable shoes for your flat feet.

FAQ 7: I use orthotics in my shoes? How can I be sure the orthotics will fit in the shoes I order online?

Modern day athletic footwear often has a removable insole called a “sockliner” or “footbed.” These are removable and can be replaced by your orthotics.

FAQ 8: I have shin pain. Is this because I am wearing the wrong shoes and will Shoe-buddy stop this from happening?

There are many causes of “shin-splints”. The wrong type of shoe is one-such factor and Shoe-buddy will help you select the correct shoe for your foot type and sport that may help minimise the pain of shin splints. For more, go to the shoe-buddy/news and seek professional help from a podiatrist or your health professional.

FAQ 9: My feet have different arch types. The arch on my right foot is a Medium and the arch on my left is Medium-High. What shoe will Shoe-buddy suggest?

Modern day sport shoes are highly technical in design and science has shown that wearing the correct shoe helps to promotes comfort and improves performance. Using this premise, Shoe-buddy will classify your arch and then direct you to the “best-matched” shoe no matter if you have slightly different shaped feet.

FAQ 10: Will Shoe-buddy replace my podiatry advice about getting the right type shoes to fit?

Shoe-buddy does not replace individual professional advice. If you’re under the care of a podiatrist, you should always defer to their recommendation. Certainly, you can use Shoe-buddy as a library of resources to better understand the shoes and use it as a guide on shoe purchase, but your health professional is in the best position to offer individualised advice.

FAQ 11: How is shoe-life calculated in shoe-buddy?

It is a known fact that people use their shoes well after their use-by date. Shoe-buddy provides the user with an estimation of the life of every shoe in the database. Using running and walking as an example sport, shoe-life determination is a two-step process:
1. The user on-boards into Shoe-buddy: body weight, sporting preference, frequency of activity and running speed.
2. Shoe-buddy determines the shoe protection classification, shoe weight and the material composition (what foams are used within the midsole.
The outcome is an estimated shoe life. Go to Shoe-buddy http://www.shoe-buddy.com/news-info/
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FAQ 12: What is Shoe-buddy’s protection classification?

One of the primary roles of athletic footwear is to protect from the foot from the environment and to protect the foot-lower extremity from overload injury. Therefore, based upon the engineering of the shoe, Shoe-buddy has categorised athletic footwear into 8 categories:

Maximum Support High Support Neutral Support Neutral Neutral Cushion Cushion Support Cushion Performance


Each of these categories are referenced to an arch type and whether the foot need stabilising features such as dual density or medial protection.  For example, an extremely unstable, hypermobile flat foot would benefit from a Maximum Support shoe or High Support shoe, but not offer enough protection if it were Cushion or Natural. For more information: http://www.shoe-buddy.com/news-info

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FAQ 13: Shoe-buddy Sizing Display: If there is a men’s only shoe size available and my gender is female how does Shoe-buddy determine the right size for me?

Shoe-buddy measures and interprets your feet sizing to the brand and their specific audience (gender).   If a shoe, like a golf shoe, is shown as available as Male only, the size Shoe-buddy determines for you is the female related sizing.  If ordering on an online shop or in a retail store please note you will have to order the male size version.   Future Shoe-buddy release in January 2019 related to retailer E-Commerce platforms will have this AI logic built in to ensure you order the right size shoe.

FAQ14: Are there any particular type of sports shoes which are more male audience specific?

Yes.  More often than not AFL, football, rugby union and rugby league boots are male only.  A few brands do make female audience specific footwear.   Certain brands golf shoes are designed and built to fit the male foot.

FAQ15: How would I know if a sports shoe has female audience design and build or if it is only available in male audience?

This information can be found in the brand product description.  In addition, our medical faculty have reviewed the shoes in the context of the audience.   Please review Dr. Michael Kinchington’s recommendation to see if a particular shoe fits your needs.